Blis | Proprietary data & technology

Proprietary data & technology.

Our technology stack was built in 2004 from the ground up with the principles of data accuracy and scale at its core.Over the years, our expert data scientists and engineers have dedicated themselves to building, developing and evolving location targeting capabilities and tools.

Smart Scale.

Accurate & Scalable Proprietary Data.

Smart Scale is Blis' proprietary data source that is built and owned by Blis that is 100% unique.

Smart Scale detects and stores relationships between Wi-Fi addresses & specific geo-locations ensuring that accurate location targeting takes place.

Smart Pin.

Filtering out inaccurate and fraudulent data.

Smart Pin, Blis’ proprietary data cleansing technology built to validate the accuracy and confidence of all incoming movement data.

Smart Pin takes all of the movement data the Blis platform ingests and puts it through a multi-stage filtration process to ensure the Blis database doesn’t get contaminated.

Places Database.

Global POI tool mapping real-world locations at scale.

Blis Places is one of the world’s largest POI databases, mapping verified GPS data to real-world physical locations.

This database is segmented into location categories and audiences.

Our team constantly monitor, maintain and update the database using accredited global & regional data sources from around the world.

Trusted partners.

Partnering with the industry's leading data providers, ad servers, creative platforms, and exchanges.