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Tropical Smoothie Cafe: Menu Promo

Tropical Smoothie Cafe wanted to raise awareness of their store locations in the United States and draw attention to a flatbread + side menu promotion. They turned to their local digital marketing agency, Cardinal Web Solutions to help facilitate, who partnered with Blis to devise a hyper-local digital store support program.


Product: Path

Tropical Smoothie Cafe leveraged Blis’ best in class location data and technology to identify appropriate audience and location groups and drive them into Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations, whilst also raising awareness of their flatbread + side menu promotion


Targeting strategies included retargeting consumers seen in competitor smoothie bars, restaurants, or similar brands when they were close in proximity to a Tropical Smoothie Cafe location.


Footfall rate was 0.76% when the benchmark footfall rate for restaurants is 0.5%.

The audience groups targeted achieved positive control vs exposed results, with an overall exposed uplift on the control group of 55%.

The hour with the most footfall conversions was from 2-3pm, the highest engagement time of day was early afternoon, and Saturday saw the highest CTR of any of day of the week.

Of all consumers exposed to an ad who converted (entered a Tropical Smoothie cafe), 36% did so on the same day they viewed the ad giving an impressive time to conversion.