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February 22 2018
Excess vs. Exercise: US, UK & Australia Infographic

Search behaviour is the first step in the purchase journey for many. It can be a good indicator of interest, consideration or even intent, but until that translates into actual behaviour – as evidenced by footfall – that means the purchase journey (in most cases) remains incomplete.In this infographic, we use Blis’ analytics tool, Smart Trends to look at US, UK & Australia’s real-world behaviours during the Christmas and New year period to see how resolute those resolutions really are.

February 5 2018
Physical stores could benefit from competitors

H&M recently announced it would be closing more stores, signaling that the pervasive problems of physical retail are now trickling into previously successful divisions like fast fashion. In a recent retail study from location-marketing company Blis, results signaled that proximity to nearby competitive outlets could increase foot traffic.

December 18 2017
UK Shopper Footfall Insights [Infographic]

Following the success of our recent Global Retail Study, we take a deeper look into the online and offline behaviours of UK shoppers through Blis’ analytics tool Smart Trends. Have you ever wondered what your consumers are browsing? Or when they are most likely to visit your store? Our UK Shopper Footfall Insights Infographic reveals […]