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January 16 2018
Blockchain Will Transform Global Economy, But What About Advertisers?

When most people hear blockchain, they think Bitcoin—one of the world’s first digital currencies. But while Bitcoin has yet to transform the global economy, experts believe that its underlying technology—blockchain—is poised to spark an economic revolution. A secure digital ledger, blockchain keeps track of transactions involving anything of value—whether it’s money, stocks, music, art, or […]

Blis Launches Consumer Behavioural Analytics Tool Along With Global Retail Study

Location data technology company Blis has launched an analytics tool that enables marketers to analyse consumer behaviour through mobile movement data.
The tool, called ‘Smart Trends’, provides in-store behavioural insights and in-store comparison of location types and brands. It enables marketers to breakdown demographic, contextual, time, and device type analysis, while comparing behaviour of user groups side-by-side.