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October 18 2017
How Blis Filters Bad Data

As we’ve underscored in previous posts in this series, bad data is an ongoing concern in our industry. While it isn’t necessarily deliberate or fraudulent, quality issues make an enormous percentage of available data unusable for advertising purposes. At Blis, we’re incredibly vigilant about ensuring the quality of the data we pass on to our […]

September 27 2017
Why Being Unique Matters in Location Data

At Blis, we generally only approve a small percentage of the location data that comes into us. On a recent day in the US, we passed just 22 percent of the publishers that sent us data. That means only 15,000 passed, while another 54,000 failed. Of that failed data, 40 percent was from centroids, 16 […]

August 29 2017
Centroids: The Good, The Bad, and the Highly Imprecise

As discussed in our previous blog post , Blis is incredibly selective with respect to the data we allow into our pool. We apply many filters to ensure data is both accurate and precise, and not all of it makes the cut. Of the data that isn’t up to snuff, nearly 85 percent fails to […]

August 7 2017
How to Avoid Bad Data

As many marketers know, data can be overwhelming. In today’s advertising and marketing ecosystem, we have more data to work with than ever before, and it can all get very daunting. However, data – and good quality data – are imperative to ensure accuracy and effectiveness in digital advertising. So, while it may seem intimidating, […]