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December 26 2017
Where will location go in 2018?

2017 was a big year for location-based advertising: The IAB released its Location-based Marketing Playbook for Retailers and spending on location-based advertising reached $16 billion. It’s also a year that saw many new changes and developments in how advertisers use location data and measure its success. How will location-based advertising continue to develop in 2018? […]

November 7 2017
3 Attribution Questions You Should Be Asking

Attribution — the process of figuring out how various marketing touchpoints help lead to a conversion—is key to effective marketing. It gives advertisers insight into what’s working and what isn’t, enabling them to reduce waste and optimize their campaigns. This, in turn, can help inform future media budgets and boost ROI. In short, accurate attribution […]

October 24 2017
Closing the Retailer Purchase Loop: Solving the Challenge of Attribution

You’re on your way to work when you pass a billboard featuring Nike’s newest running shoe. That reminds you: you just signed up for a half marathon, so you’ll need some new gear. You start googling top-of-the-line running shoes on your phone. You forget about the race until days later when looking at Facebook on […]