Blis | Trading Desk Solutions

Trading Desks.

Empowering buyers globally with location verified audiences and targeting solutions.

Self Serve Platform.

Location Powered DMP and DSP for Advanced Audience Targeting.

Enabling Trading Desks to traffic, deliver and optimise highly targeted campaigns in-house. Blis provides access to Blis location-verified data as well as comprehensive platform tools and analytics in order to achieve your clients’ objectives.

Access to real-time and historical location data solutions.
Advanced location reporting and analytics capabilities.
Dedicated Blis technical support and training.
Flexible commercial models to suit buyers needs.

Private Exchange.

Location Powered Audience Trading Platform

Providing a unique opportunity to combine media & data for agencies & trading desks to harness the power for location via their DSP of choice.

Use Blis location data for rich real-time and historical audience targeting.
Plug and play for leading DSPs via existing connections.
Technical support for PMP troubleshooting.
Flexibility and control on investment for the buyer.