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Self-serve programmatic platform.

Programmatic technologies have evolved to meet the complexity of reaching today’s diverse audiences. The Blis location-powered DSP puts you in control and provides direct access to all RTB inventory.

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Melisa Fati

Fitzroy House, 18-22 Ashwin
St, London, E8 3DL
+44 207 249 7769

Suzanne Hirsh
Liberty Comms

44 West 28th St
New York, NY 10001
+1 415 429 5652

Oliver Budgen
Mutant Comms

123a Telok Ayer Street
Singapore, 068592
+65 96350 5583

Toby Hemmings
Bold Media

Level 14, 70 Pitt Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

+61 406 156 047

Take control.

Blis’ self-serve location-powered DSP enables trading desks to take control and deliver highly targeted and optimised cross-device campaigns.

Advanced Campaign Setup. Allow users to quickly set up bookings and line items including cloning and multi-update features.
Transparent Targeting & Reporting. Options to target, report and optimise towards device, channel, publisher, demographic, location and more.
Unique Location Targeting. Access to Blis’ proprietary location database to target campaigns against location data.
Custom Location Targeting. Use Blis’ POI tool to upload or search for custom location segments for your campaigns.
Advanced Location Reporting. Access to location optimising and heatmaps reporting tools to visualise the location performance of the campaign.
Auto Optimisation Algorithms. Working towards any metric from CTR, eCPC, margin and video metrics.
Brand Safety Controls. Whitelist or blacklist control from advertiser down to individual line item level.
Customer Support. A team of highly experienced technical account managers on hand to provide 24/7 support.

Include location in your media strategy.

Location tells a story about people and the places they go. We work with global media-buying agencies to help their brands unlock the power of location and reach their customers on the go.

Location is powerful data for marketers.

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