Blis | Publisher solutions

Blis Exchange.

Fully programmatic, location-verified Ad Exchange available to publishers and advertisers worldwide.

Power to the Publisher.

The Blis Exchange enriches publisher inventory with precise, verified location and audience data enabling advertisers to capitalise on accurate targeting.

Value. Add accurate location data to increase mobile CPM’s from Blis global demand partners.
Format Agnostic. IAB standard desktop display, app and M-Web impressions can be enriched.
Audience Knowledge. Utilise location enriched and comprehensive Blis Audience packs.
Transparency. Full transparency on advertisers and domains with options to overlay industry viewability standards.
Expertise. Dedicated skills to help you to successfully monetise your inventory globally.
Insight. Powerful insight into the locations of your audience.

Include location in your media strategy.

Location tells a story about people and the places they go. We work with global media-buying agencies to help their brands unlock the power of location and reach their customers on the go.