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February 6 2018
Partner Spotlight: Q&A with RSi’s Ansa

Question 1: How long have you been at RSi and what is your role? For the past three years, I have been responsible for creating and scaling Ansa, a web-based solution from RSi – Retail Solutions, Inc., that has enabled over 75 of the world’s largest CPG companies and their agencies to build, measure and […]

January 30 2018
Net Neutrality: Meaningful connections in a less than neutral world

2018 is not quite a month old and already it’s been tumultuous from a tech perspective. Trust, transparency (and the responsibility to deliver both) have dominated conversations in tech and business media. Nowhere has this been more evident than around the issue of Net Neutrality repeal in the US. Despite the FCC’s victory back in […]

January 23 2018
Cortana, Alexa, Siri, Google Now: Marketer’s New Best Friends?

How do voice activation services affect location data’s relationship with advertising and marketing? Voice activations services and AI-driven virtual assistants are having a moment. While Siri has been around the longest, Alexa and OK Google have made strides to surpass her in popularity. And what Cortana lacks in popularity, it apparently makes up for in […]

January 16 2018
Blockchain Will Transform Global Economy, But What About Advertisers?

When most people hear blockchain, they think Bitcoin—one of the world’s first digital currencies. But while Bitcoin has yet to transform the global economy, experts believe that its underlying technology—blockchain—is poised to spark an economic revolution. A secure digital ledger, blockchain keeps track of transactions involving anything of value—whether it’s money, stocks, music, art, or […]