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February 26 2018
Recap of eMarketer’s Location Intelligence 2018 Report

Today eMarketer launched a new report titled Location Intelligence 2018: Consumer Behavior, Data Quality and Targeting Tips that we were thrilled to contribute to. The report analyzes consumer attitudes toward location data, its quality and how marketers can effectively integrate that information into their marketing campaigns. Some top take always include: Consumers have become comfortable […]

February 21 2018
Looking for Loyalty? Be Personal and Transparent

Today’s consumers find temptation—and advertisements—at every turn. A woman might click an ad for ankle boots on her mobile phone, but browse a competitor’s stylish knee-high boots a minute later. Increased purchase options and more opportunities for consumers to pursue them both online and offline have put a dent in consumer loyalty. In fact, 77 […]

February 13 2018
The Rise of Techlash: It’s Time to Focus on Transparency

Tom Donohue, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce began the year warning us of the oncoming techlash – a backlash against big tech that is gaining strength from regulators and consumers alike. 2017 did mark something of a turning point in the way we think about and engage with tech – on […]

Game ROI Doesn’t Have to End After 4th Quarter

It’s been a little over a week since the Big Game where the country saw the underdog Philadelphia Eagles triumph over the reigning champion New England Patriots. But of course, the Big Game isn’t just for the talented players who make the final showdown after a long season, it’s also one of the biggest events […]