Blis | Brand Safety

Brand Safety, Ad Fraud & Viewability.

Blis is committed to protecting advertisers against the issues facing the advertising ecosystem including brand safety, ad fraud and viewability.

Brand Safety Policy.

Blis have implemented processes to minimise risk to advertisers, and ensure their ads are served in a safe environment.

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Blis’ are certified with regulatory bodies who only recognise companies complying with the good practice principles that work towards greater transparency.

We are certified with JICWEBS for our brand safety practice and have been awarded the DTSG seal. We are listed on the Trust Accountability Group (TAG) registry of known and trusted players in the digital ad ecosystem.

Blis is part of the IAB Gold Standard which is a UK only initiative with three fundamental aims to:
1. Reduce ad fraud
2. Improve the digital advertising experience
3. Increase brand safety

3rd Party Verification Partners.

Blis’ work with various third party verification partners is to ensure that all advertisements are served in the correct environment, on appropriate content and are in view to actual humans.

Alongside post-delivery measurement and analytics tools, Blis has also developed a comprehensive pre-bid targeting solution that utilises publisher and ad format score data made available directly from its partner SSPs to ensure media is efficiently delivered in highly viewable environments.

Premium Supply.

Blis work with premium SSPs who offer high quality 100% transparent inventory and data.