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Blis integrates with Lotame

Location data technology company, Blis, has integrated data from DMP player, Lotame, to bolster its mobile location advertising platform.

Lotame’s Data Exchange will be used to layer more than 5000 new global audience and demographic data sets from publisher partners. This will allow clients the opportunity to overlay more than 3 billion additional global audience profiles, the vendors said.

Lotame said its partnership with bot detection technology company, ‘Are you a Human’, allows it to weed out bots from the data exchange more successfully, adding its fraud traffic has been verified by independent fraud companies at less than 1 per cent.

Blis said having access to the new data sets will help it more accurately target people and verify traffic in real time.

“Like Blis, Lotame are known to be the best in its field when it comes to strategic data matching and segmentation,” Blis Australia MD, Nick Ballard. “This partnership is a natural development for both companies, as we continue to offer the market’s most efficient and effective mobile location audience data.”

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